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Are you tired or scared of getting up on your ladders to hang your holidays lights every year? Please stay off of the ladders and out of the emergency room this holiday season! No one wants to spend the holidays in a cast. So give us a call and let us not only take the risk out of having holiday lights, but also turn your property into a beautiful work of art that will be the envy or light of your whole neighborhood!  

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Hanging Christmas Lights in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Christmas light displays are something that people look forward to all year. For many Twin Cities families touring the local Christmas light displays is a fond pastime and a holiday tradition. So if you live in the Twin Cities, Christmas light installation is probably on your mind once fall rolls around.

Christmas light displays have also become a bit more complicated over the past years. On primetime television, Christmas light display competitions are annually televised. Just a couple strings of lights hung in the yard doesn't really look very festive, so how do you get an incredible display like the ones you see on TV? The ones that have lights covering the roof and all of the landscaping?  You call the professionals!

While Christmas light displays bring out the child in everyone who sees them, they don't bring out that same wonder when installing them. This is why when you take a drive around the Twin Cities, you’ll actually see quite a few homes not decorated at all. If Christmas light installation was easy, everyone would do it.


What Goes Into Twin Cities Christmas Light Installation?

To make a beautiful Christmas light display that stands out, there’s a lot that goes into it. While looking at Christmas light displays is fun, putting them up is a hassle unless you’re experienced.


Lights - Lights that you buy at your dollar store and lights that professionals are able to acquire are in different leagues. While the discount lights may work for a while when hung inside your home, they won’t withstand the elements such as snow and rain outside for very long, not to mention they don't look as good either.

Power Balancing - Depending on how things are hooked up, you may accidentally trip the breakers in your house. We take this into consideration when installing the lights so that it’s never an issue.

Adjustments - Once you’re up on the ladder installing the lights, you may think it looks great - but what does it look like from the street? Adjusting the Christmas display can take dozens of trips up and down ladders and standing on sloped roofs.


Troubleshooting - If you only put up Christmas lights once a year, then it makes sense that you wouldn’t be as familiar with them as a professional Christmas light installation expert would be. This makes it hard for you to troubleshoot any issues that may arise, but our professionally trained staff can address and solve any lighting issues.

Maintenance - Bulbs may go out - even the expensive ones. It doesn’t always happen but it’s common enough - and replacing them can be a hassle. With our warrantied service you never have to worry about the lights going out ever again!

Safety - Of course safety ladders are needed if installing Christmas lights up high or on the roof - but another major safety concern is fire hazards. This is why we use only professional-grade Christmas lights and LED lights whenever possible.

Affordability - Good Christmas lights aren’t cheap, which is why many homeowners forego decorating the exterior of their house. The lights we use aren’t cheap either - but we buy in bulk so we can decorate hundreds of homes in the Twin Cities. This means that we can pass the professional lighting discounts down to you.

Take Down - Taking down Christmas lights is probably the most unenjoyable aspect of the Christmas lighting process. Trying to keep the lights untangled and orderly so that next year is not a pain. Well, you won't have to worry about that any longer, since our Christmas lighting service is all-inclusive, take down services are included at no extra charge.

There are a lot of reasons to skip installing Christmas lights if you’re not experienced. We’ve heard all the horror stories that come along with homeowners installing their own lights.

This year, you don’t have to skip the decorations and you don’t have to have a horror story. Trust the Twin Cities Christmas Light Installation experts to take care of everything for you.


We’re the Twin Cities Christmas Light Installation Experts You’ve Been Looking For!

We have the experience necessary to make your home stand out among all the others in the neighborhood. As the #1 Twin Cities Christmas Light Installation experts, we offer:


Custom Displays - Some homeowners are creative and have amazing ideas for a display they’d like, but they lack the experience and quality products to bring it to life. We can work with you to make your Christmas light display look just as you imagined. Of course, if you’d rather us surprise you with a display design of our own, we can do that as well.

Long-Lasting - We use only the best Christmas lights we can buy. These lights last year after year and through the rain and snow.

Smart Timing - If you’d like your Christmas lights to stay on 24/7, we can set that up for you. If you’d like the Christmas lights to be timed to turn on at dusk and off at dawn, we can also handle that. This along with our energy-efficient LED lighting will save you a lot on your electric bill.

Maintenance - Weather can be unpredictable at times. Storms and high winds can make bulbs go out on even the most reliable Christmas lights. If you run into any problems just give us a call and we’ll replace the bulb or re-install the strand of lights that came down.

Take Down - Often, Christmas light displays are left up until Valentines or Easter because of what an annoyance it is to take down. Whenever you’d like your display taken down, we’re ready.

Affordability - Although we use the best professional-grade lights, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg. We order them in bulk, therefore we can offer our customers a large discount. Our Twin Cities Christmas Light Installation is a luxury service, but we work hard to keep our prices affordable for our amazing clients.

Guarantee - We want our customers to be satisfied with our services, which is why we’re the #1 Twin Cities Christmas Light Installation experts. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to fix it. Your satisfaction is our one and only goal!