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Our Gutter Cleaning Technique

Gutter cleaning can be a difficult and dangerous job if you aren’t equipped with the right tools and experience. In order to ease your frustrations, let the Twin Cities gutter cleaning professionals handle the dirty work for you.

We first remove all loose debris, such as twigs and leaves, from the gutters by scooping the debris out safely from our ladders. Once we have all of the dry debris out of your gutters we can then move on to flushing your gutters. This will clear out your gutter channels of all small bits of debris while also flushing large amounts of water to your downspouts. Once your channels are flushed out we will blast water straight down your downspouts to be extra safe that everything is flushed out and water is flowing properly. Once the gutter cleaning is complete we can take after cleaning photos for you to show that all of your gutters are spick-and-span and perfectly clean.

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Gutter Cleaning in Twin Cities

When it comes to home maintenance in general, the first thing that comes to mind for most homeowners is interior tasks like keeping up on plumbing, lightbulbs or maybe refinishing the floors. Even when dealing with exterior maintenance, homeowners first think of their garden, patio, walkways and maybe even their windows.

For some reason, nobody really thinks about the gutters. This leads to some unfortunate practices - such as overlooking them altogether. They may not be exciting but they have a function that keeps your house in tip-top shape all year round.

Luckily for you, Twin Cities gutter cleaning is one of our specialties and we think about it a lot. Trust us - if your house’s gutters aren’t cleaned and taken care of regularly, there can be some big problems that pop up.

Gutter cleaning technician spraying water through the gutters.

Gutter cleaning technician spraying water through the gutters.


What Do Gutters Do Anyway?

Your Roof and Lawn

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While your roof does a great job of protecting you from the elements (such as rain) that rain still needs to fall somewhere. Because most roofs in the Twin Cities are sloped, the rain naturally falls off the roof. This is great IF you have gutters.

Before gutters were invented, the water would fall off the roof and create huge puddles right next to the house’s foundation. This meant that the water could then flood and drain into the basement, or even flood and ruin your lawn. Sinkholes were also a much bigger problem.

Gutter Diversion and Ease

Gutters have two major jobs:

Diversion - Gutters help to divert falling water away from the home. Ideally, the path the water will take is towards a water control system or reservoir - this way, your home and lawn is completely safe from flooding.
Ease - Gutters also help eliminate flooding by easing the fall of the water. Rather than heavy rainfall falling down right next to your house's foundation, there is instead an even and steady stream.

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Why is Gutter Cleaning in the Twin Cities So Important?

Improve Roof Lifespan with Clean Gutters

A big way to guarantee your roof has a long lifespan is by performing regular gutter cleaning. Twin Cities sees a lot of snow and freezing temperatures in the winter months, which can be disastrous to gutters.

The freezing temperatures can cause ice dams to form in the gutters, which can create massive clogs. Unfortunately, when water freezes it also expands. The expanding ice can cause cracks in the gutters and also in the roof’s shingles. Gutters filled to the brim with water or ice is also much heavier than what the gutter was built to hold. This can lead to the gutters collapsing or pulling away from the roof.

Water Damage from Clogged Gutters

“Water damage” are words that make any homeowner shudder. Clogged gutters can cause the roof to leak, which means damage to your roof and ceiling - even possibly your walls and floor. Your possessions may become damaged by the water as well. If you live in the Twin Cities, gutter cleaning is one major step you can take to preventing water damage in your home.

Flooding of Gutters

Most Twin Cities homes are fitted with basements. While some basements are simply used for practical purposes, such as holding the hot water heater, other basements are fully furnished and regularly ‘lived in.’ Whichever type of basement you have, it needs to be protected from flooding.

Even if it’s not pouring cats and dogs outside, flooding can still happen if your gutters are clogged. When there’s a clog, the rainwater isn’t traveling to the downspout as it should. Instead, the water overflows over the gutters and falls next to the home. This might lead straight into your basement - which creates even more issues such as mold and mildew growth. Flooding isn’t only a frustration, it can become extremely dangerous to everyone living in the house. Our Twin Cities gutter cleaning services are a great way to ensure the health of your home and family.

Prevent Pests in Gutters

Clogged gutters look like wonderful homes to many pests such as rats, mice, birds, squirrels, and insects. This isn’t only a problem due to the noise they create at all hours of the day and night, but also because these are pests that carry diseases. Leaving your gutters clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris is like inviting these pests to take residence in your home. If you want to evict these pests from your property in the Twin Cities, gutter cleaning is the answer.

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Our job is to make our customers' lives easier. Call us today for a free Twin Cities gutter cleaning quote. We’re able to work around your schedule, so you’ll never have to sit around waiting for us to show. We also won't make us a mess around your property like other Twin Cities gutter cleaning companies might do. We are courteous and make sure not to blast dirt or leaves out of your gutters onto your walkways or patios.

We want to not only make your gutters look new again, but also give you peace of mind that your home is protected. We have the experience necessary to handle any type of gutters your home may have.

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