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Minneapolis Power Washing

Take a look at your deck or patio. Do you remember what it looked like when you first moved in? Chances are you THINK you do, but you might be wrong. It’s a phenomenon that happens to us over time. Slowly the dirt starts to build up. Then there might be one little spot of mold or algae. Soon there are 2 spots. Slowly the grime continues to grow and we stop noticing. Just because we stop noticing how our decks and patios look doesn’t mean that no one else notices. Your friends who come over on the weekend surely notice the multiplying algae. The prospective new renters or buyers of your home definitely notice how dirty it is. Prospective buyers first impression of a house is the exterior. If that first impression isn’t excellent, it won’t matter what the inside of the house looks like. You may keep up with the maintenance of other parts of your house such as the flooring or the plumbing. However, it's vital to the beauty of your home to not neglect the exterior cleaning needs of your home. Leaving your house, deck or roof unmaintained for too long can cause lasting damage and cost you more money over time. Have you considered a Minneapolis power washing service to handle all of these things for you? If so you've come to the right place. Sonic Services provides the best power washing Minneapolis has to offer.

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The Necessities of Minneapolis Power Washing

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If you own or rent a house or apartment in Minneapolis, chances are you have a deck or patio. This may be the main area where you host social gatherings when the weather is nice. Being an area outside and also seeing so much foot traffic is a recipe for disaster if you don’t do preventative maintenance. Here are some major issues your deck may have if you neglect to hire a Minneapolis power washing service.


Fungi reproduce by releasing “spores.” Many of these spores actually contain allergens which can cause harm when inhaled. Depending on your sensitivity to the allergen, you may suffer from sneezing, runny nose, dry eyes, or even asthma and more severe respiratory problems. Those in the most danger are the elderly, children, and the immuno-compromised (including pregnant women). This is a serious issue that is preventable but is preventable by our affordable Minneapolis power washing services.

Property Damage

Not only can these fungal spores do harm to our bodies, but they also do a lot of harm to our decks and patios. If mold or algae starts growing on your deck and it’s not taken care of right away by a quality Minneapolis power washing service, it WILL spread. Rain and snow only facilitate this growth. With your deck or patio now damaged by mold, it’s no longer safe to walk on. Depending on how bad the mold and algae get, you may even need to repair certain parts of your deck. If your deck doesn’t suffer from mold or algae but is simply covered in dirt and grime, it also may not be safe to walk on. Dirty decks are slippery, especially after the rain or snow. Clean decks give you traction. This is why maintenance is key. To ensure safety and the most beautiful look for your home, hiring our affordable Minneapolis power washing services is the easiest way to go!

Power Washing Minneapolis

While Minneapolis power washing may sound easy enough, there’s actually a lot to think about and research before diving in. Call Sonic Minneapolis Power Washing Services and let us handle everything for you!

Why Use Sonic Minneapolis Power Washing Services

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Professional: It’s of the utmost importance to do a reliable job for our customers. With years of experience, we’ve seen it all and can provide the highest quality power washing Minneapolis has to offer.

Pressure: We use a combination of power washing and soft washing to remove dirt and mold and to restore your concrete, deck, siding or roof back to its original state.

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Temperature: Different materials require different water temperatures and different water pressure. We understand the requirements of whatever material your siding, roofing, deck, concrete or fencing may have. Our Minneapolis power washing services are safe and effective to clean any and all areas of your property.

Eco-friendly: Minneapolis power washing uses a LOT of water - especially if you’re inexperienced. On average, 4 gallons of water are used per minute. Because we have professional experience, we’re able to use much less water and have less of an impact on your lawn and the environment. Our Minneapolis power washing techs are trained to use the least amount of water while power washing your home or property to perfection.

Safety: Minneapolis power washing is dangerous. We follow all safety standards and precautions to ensure the safest and most reliable power washing Minneapolis has to offer.

Equipment: You can’t find our equipment down at the local hardware store. We use professional-grade equipment to ensure professional-grade results.

Cost: Many let their decks, patios, concrete surfaces, siding, and roofing go because they’re afraid Minneapolis power washing services will be too expensive. You will actually save money by employing our Minneapolis power washing services. Many times people think they have to replace their roof or their deck, that's not the case. Our Minneapolis power washing services can rejuvenate and restore your home so you don't have to spend thousands in repair costs! Just tell us your budget and we’ll work within it to get you the results you’re after. We love serving our clients no matter the budget constraints they may have. We will provide you quality work and amaze you at how new we can make your home look, and that is more rewarding then any check we receive from our clients!

Our Minneapolis Power Washing Promise

We’ll make your deck or patio look brand new - we guarantee it. Even more than that, we’ll make it a safe space for your family again. It’s important to Sonic Minneapolis Power Washing Services that our customers are stress-free and satisfied. Call us for a free quote today. We offer the best power washing Minneapolis has to offer! We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you!