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Here at Sonic we believe in give you the BEST customer service, period. That starts with always being upfront about what is included in our pricing. No surprises or up sells on screens, sills, and tracks, Just integrity based package pricing from the start. Weather it’s commercial or residential window cleaning, we are going to love the way your windows look.

So What’s Included?

“Inside and out package” includes window cleaning of the exterior and interior window panes, a brushing and wet vacuuming of the sill to break up dirt, and to pick up debris when needed. Lastly, we use a soft touch brush and a brush dusting of the screens top to bottom!

“Exterior only package” includes window cleaning of the exterior windows panes.

What Equipment Do We Use?

All equipment we use on your home or commercial building is chosen with quality and safety in mind, guaranteeing you get a luxury grade clean that is delivered safely. To clean the windows we use professional grade squeegees, extension ladders reaching the highest heights, and even Water Fed Poles. Water fed poles are an innovative tool we invest in for your benefit that can be used no the exterior of a building to clean the windows using highly filtered deionized water that actually repels dirt off your windows after they are cleaned! After washed the deionized water dries spot free and streak free every time due to it being so purely filtered at 0-3 PPM. 

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Twin Cities Window Cleaning Solutions

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Before alarm clocks and cell phones, people used to wake up to the sun (maybe with a little extra help from a cup of coffee). The beautiful sunshine coming through the windows made it easy to wake up and get ready to take on the day. Clean windows help your home look beautiful both inside and out. Gleaming windows on the outside of your home look fantastic and clean windows allow more light into your home making your home's interior look warm and cozy. What a lot of people don’t realize is that they aren’t getting the maximum amount of sunlight coming through their windows. We want to help you enjoy your home more by having a clear view and not having to lift a finger to experience beautifully cleaned windows! Trust Sonic services the #1 window cleaning Twin Cities has to offer.

Window Cleaning Maintenance

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Just like all other cleanings inside (and outside) your home, requires maintenance. But the bigger problem is that many people don’t truly understand the BEST way to clean windows efficiently. In addition to your home, if you own a business you probably already know that first impressions are hugely important. You may spend a lot of time mowing the grass, cleaning the bricks, or even decorating to match the season. Don’t forget about how your windows look! Streaks and spots send a bad first impression, which is then hard to change. Dirty windows and screens on your home look terrible and keep you from enjoying the view around your home. Window cleaning can be a daunting task for homeowners and business owners alike because it requires routine cleaning, you cannot just clean your windows once and then expect them to look great for the entire year. Luckily for you, we have a solution. Sonic Services Window Cleaning, provides scheduled window cleaning services and at a discounted price. This means you can set your window cleaning frequency and not have to worry any longer. We'll clean your windows and before they even begin to noticeably be dirty we'll be back again to clean them all for you! For the best Twin Cities window cleaning trust Sonic Services!

Window Cleaning Difficulties

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Sure, window cleaning in sounds easy. You may clean your windows in your house or business every once and awhile. But are you REALLY getting your windows the cleanest they can be? Are you unknowingly harming the glass? There are actually a few things to keep in mind before you start your window cleaning project.

Window Cleaning Water Sources:

Depending on your water source, you may not have a choice between using hard water or soft water, and you most likely won’t be able to filter it accordingly. Hard water will damage the glass and stain the windows even more than they already are, as will even unfiltered soft water. This means you cannot simply spray your windows with a hose, you will have to either squeegee the glass or utilize a purified water system.

Window Cleaning Products:

If you don't have access to a water-fed pole and a purification system then you'll have to utilize the traditional methods of the mod and squeegee. The only issue is window cleaning requires skill, especially if you're using a squeegee if you haven't mastered the art of the squeegee you'll end up leaving streaks all over your windows.


Exterior window cleaning becomes a lot more dangerous when you need to clean at higher levels. In order to be completely safe, you would have to either rent or buy safety ladders and also ask someone to help spot you. Or utilize expensive window cleaning equipment such as a water-fed pole and a water purification system to rinse the windows with. In almost every single situation its a no brainer to hire a Twin Cities window cleaning professional, especially if your home or business is two stories or above.

Window Cleaning Packages

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Basic Window Cleaning: This package includes professional window cleaning of all of your windows exterior needs. We will remove all of your window screens clean them, clean your glass then return your screens back into their proper place.

Premium Window Cleaning: This package includes the cleaning of your interior and exterior window panes, removing, cleaning and replacing of your window screens, and also cleaning out your window tracks from the inside of your home.

Why Choose Our Twin Cities Window Cleaning Service

We’re not going to show up to your home with a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels like your maid might (if she even does windows.) We’re professionals that know how to do the job right. Our trained window cleaning professionals have all the latest equipment and skill to properly clean your home or business. Here are some of the things we do differently than other window cleaning providers.


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Sonic Services uses only the best equipment that can be found. We use professional-grade squeegees, safety extension ladders, and water-fed poles to reach even the highest and most difficult places. We also utilize water purification systems when we do utilize water fed poles to clean your windows. This ensures the best window cleaning the Twin Cities has to offer.


You can’t just use any water when cleaning windows or you’ll end up with a ton of spots. After we gently scrub and clean your windows with our water fed pole technology, we will thoroughly rinse your windows using highly filtered deionized water. This helps the glass to repel dirt and also dry spot and streak-free. We utilize the best water purification equipment for the best spot-free window cleaning.


It’s important to us that your windows look good for as long as possible. This is why we never use harmful products that can damage your windows and we never leave hard water deposits on your windows that will cause stains to accumulate.


Window cleaning is especially dangerous if the windows are on the second floor or higher. We use safety ladders and follow all safety precautions and regulations. In many cases, our window cleaning can be performed completely from the ground with our water fed pole technology.


Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to Sonic Service's window cleaning. We hate when there are hidden fees added into services or when companies try to upsell us. Call us today for a free quote. The price we give is the price you pay. Don’t wait - we offer the best window cleaning the Twin Cities has to offer and we're ready to help you and provide the best service in all of the Twin Cities metropolitan

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